Automated Web Tools

This website contains free online tools to quickly complete tasks mainly for papers and text. An example is the Contraction Remover Tool which replaces contractions like “can’t” with their full words i.e. “cannot”. As a result, you will increase your productivity and improve your writing. These tools are to help writers and developers.

Contraction Remover

Replaces contractions with their full words, and displays the result. Example: “can’t” -> “cannot”.

Paragraph Remover

Removes all excess whitespace like paragraphs from your text. As a result, your text will be condensed down.

Add Commas to Numbers List

Adds commas to numbers. Example: “1000” -> “1,000”.

Remove Commas from Numbers List

Removes commas from a list of numbers. Example: “1,000” -> “1000”.