Contraction Remover Tool

Replace contractions with full words automatically with this free online tool.

Simply type or paste your text or paper into the field below. Click the “Remove Contractions” button and your result will appear. This tool will automatically lengthen your paper or essay. It will also make it more suitable for a professional or scholarly submission.

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Contractions are frowned upon for scholarly and professional papers. Examples are “can’t, won’t, and couldn’t”. Removing contractions not only makes you sound more professional, it also lengthens your paper. If you’re in Microsoft Word, just copy your text into this tool and it will preserve your paragraphs. You can simply copy it back into Word after it has removed the contractions. So this free online tool will lengthen your paper automatically. Just paste in your text above and click the button. The result will appear below.

Contractions is a broad term. Not all contractions are bad, and some cannot be changed. We can’t help with a contraction with a double meaning, such as “he’d” which can either mean “he had” or “he would”. There are a few contractions like this, so check your paper and manually update those if you have them. In the future, I will add a feature to detect these contractions. Let me know if you would like more options, such as being able to filter what contractions are changed. Thank you for using my tool. I am often asked if you can donate, and as of right now I don’t have a donation setup other than my PayPal, which is [email protected]. Just by using this tool you are helping keep this website alive. I will be constantly adding new tools.

If there is a contraction missing, you can email [email protected]. Let me know what other kinds of tools you might want to help lengthen or improve your paper.