Paragraph Remover Tool

Remove paragraphs automatically with this free online tool.

Simply type or paste your text or paper into the field below. Click the “Remove paragraphs” button and your result will appear. This tool is for quickly combining a large paper into a string if sentences, for whatever reason.

Your updated text will appear here.

If you’re in Microsoft Word, just copy your text into this tool and it will remove your paragraphs. You can simply copy it back into Word after it has removed the paragraphs. Just paste in your text above and click the button. The result will appear below.

If you need to remove paragraphs for a text editor, or for import into After Effects or another program, this tool is quick and free for you to use. Thank you for using this tool, by simply being here you are helping keep this website alive. I will be regularly adding new tools.

If there is a bug, you can email [email protected]. Let me know what other kinds of tools you might want to help lengthen or improve your paper.